Your Vitality Personality™

Happiness is being
who you really are

Hack Your Happiness Code

You have a secret code inside of you  . . .

It either makes you magnificent  – or – it drives you to self-sabotage.

At your best, you are emanating Your Vitality Personality.

This is The Real You – elevated and authentic, thriving in a state of joyfulness, love, excitement, and peace.

At your worst you are acting out Your Primal Persona.

This is The Programmed You – driven by your unconscious Survival Programming, slowly eroding in a state of conflict, resistance, anxiety, and stress.

Who do you want to be?

Take the Quiz to discover your Vitality Personality Type.
And get the tools to hack your happiness code.

See Yourself.
Free Yourself.
Be Yourself.

See Yourself. Free Yourself. Be Yourself

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Discover Your Vitality Personality Type
Your Vitality Personality Type is more than just an entertaining curiosity – it is the fundamental encoding of your Unconscious.

The exhilaration of being who you really are starts with truly seeing yourself.

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Decoding You

Make Sense of Yourself

This Field Guide PDF, specifically for your Personality Type, is the deepest dive you’ve ever taken into exploring who you really are and why you’re really here. Get all the real-life answers you’ve been craving about how to navigate your pitfalls and fully embrace your power!

Book a Session

Explore Yourself

Having trouble identifying your Personality Type? Wanting some insight about the confusing or upsetting dynamics at play in your life? Schedule an impactful one-of-a-kind private session with Candice Thomas, creator of Your Vitality Personality!

Vitality Voyagers

Inspire Yourself

Cultivate yourself and create a life you love! In this private group membership, receive weekly insights into yourself and your relationships. Learn how your Personality Type influences your daily life. Access exclusive live events. And best of all, join your fellow Voyagers!

Meet the Founder

Candice Thomas,

Dipl.Ac., EAP

Over the years as a holistic health practitioner, I began to see that health was less about illness, and more about unhappiness.

The breakthrough in my clinical practice came when I began to focus on my patients’ Personality Types as the key pathway to healing and happiness.

I was able to observe how health eroded in predictable ways according to Type – for those who were unfortunately controlled by their Sabotage Patterns.

On the other hand, I observed that people who are inspired and feel a sense of purpose – aligned with their Vitality Personality Type – are able to uplift themselves and often reverse their diseases.

No one has to forever be unconsciously driven by their Personality Type, encoded with patterning towards self-destruction. It is possible for anyone to consciously lean into the natural gifts of their Personality Type to manifest a higher way of living.

I wanted to find a way to pass along this simple truth, easily accessible to everyone. This is why I created the Your Vitality Personality system. It is my hope you will find this wisdom and these resources helpful and empowering to finally create a life of Vitality that serves The Real You!

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Happiness is Being Who You Really Are

The Journey Begins Now

To Discover Your Vitality Personality Type