What is

Your Vitality Personality?

Your Vitality Personality is an evolutionary new model for seeing who you really are. It is a way to understand the astonishing encoding that you were born with. Cracking this code of you opens up an entirely different kind of life for you – a life of love, joyfulness, meaning, and Vitality.

Drawing from both ancient and modern worlds, we have pioneered a profoundly life-changing system that builds upon leading wisdom sources, including the Enneagram, Law of Attraction, Science of Consciousness, quantum physics, Eastern medicine, Universal spiritual teachings, and more.

With 9 total Personality Types and a myriad of other factors that influence how you express your Type, we embrace the uniqueness of each human being. Your Vitality Personality shows you how to leverage the particular way you are wired… and to make it work for you, in big ways!

We help you uncover your deepest Truths in a simple systematic approach:

This system is designed to meet you wherever you are, offering whatever level of support best suits your needs. From small digestible snippets to deep-dive teachings, online group events or one-to-one private sessions, it is our joy to help you hack your happiness code!

About Candice

Candice Thomas, Dipl.Ac, EAP

Creator, Your Vitality Personality

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Molecular & Cellular Biology (and minors in Math, Chemistry, Physics and English), a Master’s Degree in Acupuncture, Certifications as an Enneagram Accredited Professional and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner, and a lifelong study of philosophical, spiritual & metaphysical teachings, Candice Thomas has devoted her life to pursuing higher understanding of Consciousness and the source of Vitality.

Over the years as a holistic health practitioner, she came to see that health was less about illness, and more about unhappiness. She saw that what is going on in your mind is what’s going on in your life and in your body. The breakthrough in her clinical practice came when she began to focus on her patient’s Personality Type as the key pathway to healing and happiness.

She was able to observe how health eroded in predictable ways according to Type – for those who were unfortunately controlled by their Sabotage Patterns. But on the other hand, she observed that people who were inspired and felt a sense of purpose – aligned with their Vitality Personality Type – were able to uplift themselves and often reverse their diseases.

She was moved to apply her specialized training, experience, skills and passion towards helping on a global scale. She discovered the expression of her own Highest Purpose: To create a system for upleveling vitality and true happiness which can be taught in a clear, practical way. . . thus Your Vitality Personality was born.

No one has to forever be unconsciously driven by their Personality Type, encoded with patterning towards self-destruction. It is possible for anyone to gain full access to who they really are – magnificent and powerful.

It is Candice’s wholehearted hope that you will find the wisdom of Your Vitality Personality and these resources helpful and empowering to finally create a life of Vitality that serves The Real You!

Our Roots in the Enneagram

The Enneagram is a personality-typing system that identifies 9 fundamental personality archetypes. It first emerged into the modern world in the 1950’s, having previously been a narrative tradition with very ancient roots, possibly Babylonian. It survived so long because of its deep truth.

It became updated and systematized in the 1990’s, and has largely been used in business and spiritual contexts as a framework for personal development, with explosive success. The ancient wisdom of the 9 Types still rings true in the modern world, and is in fact more relevant and helpful than ever!

The Your Vitality Personality system has its roots in the Enneagram (along with other Eastern and Western sciences and philosophies). Our creator, Candice Thomas, is the first to bring the ancient wisdom of the 9 Types to the context of modern health. She has spent the last 10+ years observing in her patients how each Personality Type creates a precise Sabotage Pattern resulting in specific outcomes not only in their health, but in all domains of life.

A New Map to The Real You

Advancing the work of the traditional Enneagram teachings, Candice expands the lens to observe how each Personality Type is wired to both be in-and-out of alignment with the fundamental principles of the Flow of the Universe.

This next-level teaching is based upon the collected wisdoms of Eastern medical & spiritual philosophy, Western science, the Law of Attraction, Quantum Healing Hypnosis, quantum physics, metaphysics, and more – as well as Candice’s own intuited wisdom as guided by her Higher Consciousness.

Thus Your Vitality Personality is a new model for teaching self-awareness and how to actualize the limitless potential of The Real You.

Some of the groundbreaking new teachings of Your Vitality Personality include:

Candice Thomas has spent the past 10+ years at her acupuncture practice observing the common and predictable health outcomes for each of the Primal Personae.

• Highlights the dual nature of each Personality Type

• The Primal Persona (Driven by the Ego)

• The Vitality Personality (Directed by the Higher Consciousness) 

• Survival Belief

• Compulsion

• Destructive Behavior

• Sabotage Pattern

• Vital Truth

• Liberation

• Vitality Behavior

• Highest Purpose

Additional teachings derived from the Enneagram, reframed and redefined

• Wings

• Arrows

• Connection Styles

• Energy Centers

• Expression Dynamics

• Coping Strategies

Addresses how each of the Personality Types will appear in the key areas of real life, depending on whether they are Ego-Driven or Consciousness-Directed

• Love

• Abundance

• Work

• Health

• Purpose

Examines how each Primal Persona creates resistance in specific ways against the fundamental aspects of life which contribute to overall wellbeing. Teaches how to shift into the Vitality Personality perspective in order to release resistance and joyfully embrace the art of self-care

• Diet

• Exercise

• Hygiene

• Sleep

• Restoration

• Intimacy

• Laughter

• Personal Growth

• Creativity

• Spirituality

A life-changing process for accessing The Real You – the Source of your wisdom

• Opens the heart, where the voice of inner wisdom lives

• Induces the brain into the theta state, silencing the ego-mind and engaging the unconscious

• Activates quantum healing of the heart, mind and body

• Awakens sleeping DNA codes for expansion and elevation

• Actualizes your heart blueprint – your true desired path of love and abundance

• Grounds you in your Highest Purpose