Decoding YOU Field Guide

Crack the Code of Your Personality Type

Don’t know your Type yet?

Crack the Code of You!

Once you know your Personality Type, it’s time to discover all of what really makes you tick! This is where the Decoding YOU Field Guide comes in.

In the Decoding YOU Field Guide, we will:
1. Give You Your Personality Type Mandala
Explore the blueprint that depicts the inner architecture of Your Primal Persona & Your Vitality Personality to create a transformational promise.
2. Illuminate Your 6 Aspects

Identify the unique ways in which you were encoded from birth that influence how your Personality Type is fully expressed!

3. Detail How You Show Up in the 5 Domains of Life

Discover how your Type affects the way you function in the primary areas of everyday life – so you can successfully create your best life!

Your Personality Type Mandala

Here’s the Map to The Real You! This is a universal version of the Personality Type Mandala. It is the blueprint that maps out the coding of your Personality Type – both the Primal Persona and Vitality Personality aspects of your hardwiring.

In the Decoding YOU Field Guide, delve deep into the secret codes embedded in the Mandala for your specific Personality Type. This is the fundamental information you need to navigate your life with clarity, power and peace.

Decode Your Survival Programming

When you decode your programming you are finally free to step into your best self. You can at long last…

Activate Your Power Paradigm

Now, with this higher understanding of yourself, break through the old resistances and limitations, and finally become effective at living the life of your dreams!

Your 6 Aspects

Knowing your Type is just the beginning of Decoding You! There are 6 other important Aspects that are encoded from birth that influence how your Personality Type is fully expressed!

Learn How You Show Up in the 5 Domains of Life


The love of Your Vitality Personality is unconditional – appreciating and accepting others wherever they are on their journey. The love of Your Primal Persona is conditional – withholding it much of the time because you deem others unworthy. The reasons for withholding love vary according to each Personality Type, and are the source of enormous sabotage and unhappiness in your relationships.


Abundance is a fundamental principle of the Flow of the Universe. It means believing there is always plenty for everyone, and being openly generous because you trust you will always have access to what you need to thrive. While all of the Vitality Personality Types easily embrace Abundance, each of the Primal Personae are wired for a particular kind of preoccupation with scarcity and survival.


Work from the perspective of Your Vitality Personality doesn’t feel like work at all – it feels like an exciting arena in which to fully utilize your talents and abilities. But work from the perspective of Your Primal Persona is something you “have to” do in order to survive, and the place which triggers all your most Ego-Driven impulses. Shifting your hardwired attitude in this area can completely transform how you feel about your life.


As Your Vitality Personality, you are pleased to attend daily to your physical, emotional, and spiritual health, grateful for the vessel you were gifted. Your Primal Persona, however, prompts you to feel resistant and resentful in specific ways towards “having to” take care of yourself. Denying your own fundamental needs is a most profound form of self-sabotage, and leads to predictably ruinous health outcomes for each Type.


Your existence here is no random accident – you came here for a specific Purpose, and your Personality Type provides the primary means for you to deliver this. As Your Vitality Personality, you contribute to the Greatest Good by embracing the thing you are encoded to be a genius in. But Your Primal Persona is the fundamental thing that is in the way of you ever reaching this highest potential and greatest source of Vitality.

Crack the Code of YOU!

Uncover all the unconscious dynamics that make you tick!

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