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As a Personality Type 5, you’re encoded to benefit the world as The Sage – deepening understanding, expanding vision, and inventing new creations. This is The Real You, and to live as this person is to live out your happiest life.

BUT, you can destroy your own potential for meaningful contribution by unconsciously acting as The Miser – blocking yourself from true wisdom by severely limiting your experiences. This is The Programmed You, and living as this person is a painful existence.

The Type 5 Decoding YOU Field Guide shows you how to crack your own code, so that you can stop sabotaging yourself, claim your true power, and live your best life. Because happiness is being who you really are!

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The Real You!

What People Say

“I especially found it fascinating to read about how the different Types relate to health. I saw myself and my friends in the descriptions. I realized there were things I needed to do differently – there were several points that were helpful for me. I hope everyone realizes what a resource the Decoding You Field Guides are!”

~Jack Canfield

~Jack Canfield

“Learning about my Type through Your Vitality Personality has given me a feeling of contentment and achievement I thought I could never attain, having struggled with anxiety and frustration my whole life due to interpersonal conflicts. This newfound enlightenment allows me to better understand what drives my thoughts and behaviors, providing me the insight to modify how I interpret and respond to situations that inevitably arise daily, while not compromising my own sense of self. I am a much happier, content person due to the guidance Candice provides me.”

~Bev D.

~Bev D.

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