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Your Journey to Joy, Freedom, and Expansion

Get the support you’ve always wanted!

Changing how you operate – all the way down to your code – is not something that is fast or easy. Your Ego will invent obstacles and sabotage all along the way. You will need guidance and support. And the Vitality Voyagers is where you will find that!

In this private membership, get everything you need to successfully navigate the journey toward cultivating yourself and creating a life that inspires and fulfills you. It provides daily insights and practical action steps, an exciting fellowship of like-minded explorers, exclusive personalized content, and live interactions with your enthusiastic and loving guide, Candice Thomas!

Membership Options

We offer 3 membership tiers to support your growth at every level of your development!



This monthly newsletter contains videos and articles with life-changing, empowering information about you and your world that you can’t find anywhere else!



Discover the joy of a private gathering place and exclusive content that gives you concrete action steps to building the life of your dreams!



Join Candice live and participate in the exercises and practices that will expand you into someone you love, trust, and believe in – your Highest Self!

Deepen Your Insight

Becoming self-aware is a process. The Vitality Voyagers  membership provides you with regular doses of powerful insights that will keep you interested, engaged, and expanding. Through our Facebook group, live events, videos, emails, and workshops, you will have access to many diverse formats which continually rock your world!

Receive Amazing Guidance

Releasing yourself from the grip of your Ego and raising yourself to align with Higher Consciousness does not happen by accident. It requires maturity, willingness, and intention. . . and lots and lots of practice. 

There are exercises and processes you must become adept at in order to accomplish this. This is derived from rare and ancient wisdom only known through the secret teachings of mystery schools. These have been compiled and formatted for you into simple techniques called The Real You Methods

The Real You Methods are only taught through the Vitality Voyagers membership. The practices will:

Stay Inspired

It’s so incredibly easy to become distracted by the noise of the world. You can forget yourself, forget your Higher Consciousness, and lose sight of your true path. You can buy-in to all the Ego-Driven stories happening in your mind and in the world.

The Vitality Voyagers membership will help you stay on track, regularly reminding you of who you really are and why you’re really here. 

Life is distracting, and growth is challenging. Let’s connect and help each other stay clear and stay present.

Connect With Your True Community

Whether you are just beginning your journey, or you’ve been walking the path for a while, you’ve probably been hoping to meet other people like you! Have you been longing to find friends who don’t pressure you to remain superficial and play small, but rather would love to see you find your true power?

The Vitality Voyagers membership was created for exactly this purpose. We need to build our own safe place of Consciousness-Directed friends and helpers. There are lots of people who claim to be “woke,” but many of them are still quite asleep. This is the home of the truly awakened, and it is crucial that we unite in support and love of one another.

Now is the time to decide what world you want to live in – Ego-Driven or Consciousness-Directed – because it all rests on your individual choice for yourself. Let us come together now, and be the change we wish to see in the world. Join the Vitality Voyagers, and step into a new life of love, compassion, freedom, joy and peace!