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Personality Type:
You Were Born This Way

Your personality and your Personality Type are not at all the same thing.

Your personality includes things like your favorite color, your love for turtles and motorcycles, your preference for shoes with a square toe, your utter loathing for cantaloupe. They are the personal quirks and traits that evolve out of your life experiences.

Your Personality Type is something deeper than that. It is actually encoded into your DNA, (studies are just beginning to reveal this). Your Personality Type serves as a framework for your unconscious mind. It is, in fact, an archetype – a template for your psychology. It creates within you drives and desires. You were born with it, and you can never change it . . . But you can evolve it.

This does not have to feel like a life sentence! Rather than feeling condemned or fated to be a certain way, think of your Personality Type as a tool. When used properly, it gives you an enormous advantage.

There are 9 Personality Types according to ancient wisdom. Each Type is encoded with a very particular set of talents and abilities – ones most other people do not have. When you take advantage of these special talents and abilities, this is living as Your Vitality Personality.

When you embrace these most powerful assets you can create exactly the life you desire, while serving the Greatest Good at the same time. If you could live your life as this magnificent person – all day, every day – you would be your happiest, healthiest self, and the world would be a better place.

BUT . . . there is also a default mechanism encoded within you that takes over and drives whenever you’re not paying attention. It is your survival mechanism – often called the Ego. While it serves a certain limited purpose, you really don’t want to let it run your life.

Living in a permanent state of survival mode leads you to make reactive choices, with no consideration for the long-term consequences. A survival strategy is not a thrival strategy. The longer you remain unaware of this, the more difficult it becomes to bring forth a life that brings you joy and fulfills your Highest Purpose.

This default survival mechanism is called Your Primal Persona – the programmed you. And it actually blocks and suppresses The Real You.

You can think of Your Vitality Personality as the person you would absolutely love to be – one who is wise, who is energized, who trusts, who finds it easy to give and receive love. The person you wish you could be is actually, in truth, who you already are. This is The Real You.

You can think of Your Primal Persona as the person you are the rest of the time – one who is frustrated, who is burned out, anxious or depressed, who is unable to trust, and struggles to find the capacity for unconditional love.

This aspect of you was encoded into your unconscious, and became activated when you were first introduced to pain as a child. You once needed it as a way to protect yourself and survive, but you’ve never known how to turn it off the rest of the time… and thus it became the primary way you operate, and the source of most of your problems.

Your Vitality Personality is all your bright potential, and Your Primal Persona is your inner saboteur. It is not that one is good and the other is bad, because they are both within you for important reasons.

The strategy is not to smother and control Your Primal Persona, because that will still not lead you to the joyfulness you seek. Rather, the strategy is to integrate yourself, through cultivating love and acceptance within yourself. This is the source of your wisdom and power. Accessing this incredibly high energetic frequency actually activates sleeping codes in your DNA – which can alter and uplevel the programming of your Ego. The more you become able to shift your focus out of your Ego-mind, and into your heart, the more empowered you become to create the life you desire.

If you are reading this blog, then your journey to gaining mastery over Your Primal Persona and expressing yourself as Your Vitality Personality – The Real You – has already begun! But going it alone can feel confusing and miring in the quicksand of old habits.

Unfortunately, you most likely won’t succeed on your own. Your Ego is programmed to maintain the dysfunctional status quo. There are too many temptations to draw you back into Ego-Driven thinking and acting out of your Survival Programming. (This doesn’t make you weak, it makes you human.)

Realizing The Real You is an exciting process, if you know how to get there and have support along the way. If you are ready to ditch the impulses of Your Primal Persona and learn to be empowered by Your Vitality Personality, I am here to shine the light, give you the tools and celebrate the wild ride you are about to take.

Remember, happiness is being who you really are! And The Real You is magnificent. You deserve a life that uplifts and fulfills you. Join me and your other fellow journeyers, and create a life you love!

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