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Self Sabotage:
The Trick of Your Primal Persona

You are encoded with a Personality Type, which has much greater influence over your quality of life than you might realize. This is both good news and bad news.

The good news is that your Personality Type includes a form of genius that only your Type is capable of, giving you a distinct set of talents and abilities you can leverage to create a life you really love. This is called Your Vitality Personality, and it embodies all your highest potential for fulfillment, love and vitality.

The bad news is that your Personality Type also includes your Ego – the set of beliefs and compulsive behaviors that lead you to be highly destructive without even realizing it. This is called Your Primal Persona, and unfortunately it is your default. This means that, unless you know the specific methods for overriding it, you will automatically behave destructively for the rest of your life.

As a holistic health practitioner, I came to observe this trend with a terrible sinking feeling. So many people I met were not only unhealthy in their bodies, but also their relationships were conflicted, they were unhappy at work, they felt too depleted to be proactive, and their state of mind was miserable. And they couldn’t see that, rather than being the helpless victims they perceived themselves to be, they were actually the ones creating and perpetuating the entire mess.

This is the Primal Persona at work. It wires you for self-sabotage, and all the while you’re in a state of blame about how your unhappiness is somebody else’s fault. While it’s not very uplifting to realize this about yourself, it’s actually incredibly empowering. Because now you can finally do something about it, and completely transform your life.

So for example, the Type 6 Primal Persona is called The Alarmist, because its Ego programming is all about living in a state of chronic fear. This causes them to be indecisive, suspicious, accusatory, resistant to change, and highly reactive. In one fell swoop this sabotages their relationships, their success at work, their nervous system, and their peace of mind, leading them down a path that leads to serious illness and misery.

However, in learning some key methods for working with their Sabotage Pattern, they are able to take hold of these dynamics and shift them instead to become incredibly secure and self-reliant. This is when the Type 6 steps into their Vitality Personality – The Guardian. They become capable of stable relationships, being appreciated at work, relaxed, happy, and healthy!

The Type 2 has some particularly interesting Ego coding, because they are wired to be so helpful, loving and giving… to everyone except themself! This Primal Persona is called The Victim, because of their tendency to align with needy takers, their inability to ever say No, and their total guilt and resistance around ever attending to their own needs. They end up in harshly unfair relationship dynamics, dire financial circumstances, addicted to a coping mechanism, and living in excruciating physical pain. It’s a pretty tragic state of affairs for somebody who is so lovely and kind.

However, in learning some practical guidance about how to become aware of themselves, they become empowered to make themselves their own highest priority, finally moving their life into balance, integrity, and thriving. Now they become The Altruist – someone who is able to give from a place of power, rather than deficiency and obligation.

Learning about Your Primal Persona – how it is wired for self sabotage, and how to take command over it – is crucial. It’s really the only way to access the happy life you want to be living – rather than all the difficulty and stress you’ve experienced thus far, with the likelihood that worse is on its way.

If you would like to learn more about how to recognize and manage your unconscious inner saboteur, as well as discover Your Vitality Personality and how to actualize it, never fear – help is here! You don’t have to go it alone –  I’ve done my utmost to create a simple and effective process for helping you become your best self and create your best life!