“Learning that I am a Type 8 has changed my life. 8’s are often feared; imbalanced power can be destructive. But once I learned about Consciousness-Directed 8-ness, it allowed me to lean deeply into my gifts: using power as a way of creating greatness and creating a space for everyone to work collaboratively in their genius zone.

Also in personal relationships, I have learned to lean into power while empowering those I am close to to step into their power in whatever way is authentic for them. All the dynamics in my life have changed and I have found a new more authentic way of self love that is truly celebratory of who I REALLY am!

Your Vitality Personality is the clearest and most direct path I have taken to ‘Know thyself,’ and evolve into the highest expression of myself. This quiz was interesting and eye opening. And the wisdom Candice shares about each type pulled the blinders off.

I now see the beauty in myself and others in new ways. And I understand EXACTLY what I need to do in order to become my best self, living my highest purpose.”