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Your Vitality Personality™


~Mike B.

“I find the Your Vitality Personality system very intriguing. It’s interesting to understand that, while you are predisposed to hold certain values and beliefs which

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~Cameron B.

“I’ve always felt like throughout my whole life that I’ve been a sort of outcast. Knowing my personality type has made a lot of what

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~Ken A.

“Learning about being a Type 3 truly changed my life. I had always been about winning and succeeding, and assumed everyone around me agreed it

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~Jacki B.

“I took the Quiz and learned I was Type 2, The Altruist. Not surprisingly, I was a firefighter, paramedic for 25 years. I can be

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~Heather T.

“Learning that I am a Type 8 has changed my life. 8’s are often feared; imbalanced power can be destructive. But once I learned about

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~Melanie U

“Learning about my own Type as well as those of the important people in my life, has allowed me to love and accept them and

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~Terrence H.

“I was skeptical at first about Your Vitality Personality but I was quickly won over. Understanding my Type has been extremely helpful in bringing my

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~Bev D.

“Learning about my Type through Your Vitality Personality has given me a feeling of contentment and achievement I thought I could never attain, having struggled

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~Jack Canfield

“I especially found it fascinating to read about how the different Types relate to health. I saw myself and my friends in the descriptions. I

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