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Did you know your Personality Type effects your behaviors and therefore your health?

Your Vitality Personality

Did you know that you have a “personality type”? And that it influences virtually all aspects of your life, including your health and vitality?

Yes, beneath your confusion about yourself and your conflicting impulses, there is actually a predictable framework. And learning about how your “inner architecture” works is the secret to unlocking your fullest potential.

At My Self | My Health, we have pioneered the study of how the personality impacts health. After many years of case studies, clear patterns have emerged. Through observing how the 9 Personality Types engage with self-care, we have identified the key areas where each personality type makes a wrong turn, sending their health in a specific undesirable direction.

Through learning about your personality type, you can overcome your hard-wired beliefs that lead you towards resistance. With this you are handed the keys to your personal kingdom. Now, you are empowered to fully engage with your vitality, while receiving support exactly where you need it. This is the secret which can profoundly improve your health and your life.

We are so pleased to offer you this revolutionary system for transforming health by teaching you how to have complete sovereignty over your Mind, Body and Spirit.

Candice Thomas, Dipl.Ac.

Your Holistic Health Advocate

What is the Enneagram?

At My Self | My Health we apply the well-established system of The Enneagram – the 9 personality types – to assess how your personality is influencing your health. The root ennea is latin for the number nine, and gram means picture. The Enneagram, therefore, identifies nine unique personality types. Your EnneaType influences all aspects of “you.” It influences nearly all of your daily thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and beliefs.

The philosophical roots of the Enneagram began to sprout in the early 1900’s. By the 1950’s Ennegram became a formalized system, becoming popularized in the 1980’s. The Enneagram is an independent scientific system, not belonging to any religion or faction. The Enneagram is a personality-typing system unlike any other. It offers timeless, deep insight into oneself, and others. Although there are many popular models available for describing human behavior, the Enneagram is emerging as the leader among them. It can be applied to the various aspects of practical every-day living as well as spiritual expansion.

The Enneagream offers priceless guidance – a map for how to become the greatest version of yourself.

The Vitality Personality – An Enneagram Evolution

Candice Thomas, founder of My Self | My Health and the creator of The Vitality Personality Program, is both an acupuncturist and a certified Enneagram teacher. She is the first health practitioner to place the Enneagram at the center of a medical practice. She believes it is the ideal tool for a practitioner to be able to engage with a patient’s Body, Mind, and Spirit all at once – and to teach the patient how to do this with him/her/themself.

She has been the first to pioneer research into the intersection between personality and health. Having asked every patient since 2012 to take the Enneagram quiz at the first appointment, she has observed the “sabotage patterns” which occur by personality type, and their resulting patterns of disease. She presented her original research findings at the 2020 Science of Consciousness Conference.

The Vitality Personality is Candice’s original contribution to Enneagram studies. Her work focuses on updating the naming system to identify both the Consciousness-directed and ego-driven aspects of each personality type; their patterns of resistance to each of the Ten Essential Steps to Vitality; their sabotage patterns; and their patterns of disease. Look for her upcoming book, Your Vitality Personality in 2021.

Your Personality, Your Consciousness & Your Health

The nine personality types each have two aspects: (1) The Consciousness-directed perspective and (2) the ego-driven perspective. The Consciousness-directed is the “high” side of the personality which is self-aware. It not only leads you to vitality-generating behaviors, it also leads you to fulfill your unique life purpose. Conversely, the ego-driven is the “low” side of the personality which lives in unawareness. It not only drives you to make poor health choices, your poor attitude has you remain stuck in an unrealized-life.

Knowledge of the personality types is perhaps the single most important gift you could give yourself to improve your quality of life. In having insight about yourself and others, and why we think and act the way we do, the light goes on. You stop telling yourself incorrect stories about other people’s motives, or even your own. You are able to make new choices, in how you respond to others, and how you are able to love yourself.

The 9 Vitality Personality Types

Each of the 9 Personality Types has an ego-driven aspect that can experience resistance and drive behaviors of self-sabotage. Fortunately as we become aware of our personality type and how it operates, we awaken and step into Consciousness-directed decision-making that bolsters our health and vitality.

Curious to Know More?

How Can Enneagram Be Used
to Improve Health?

Your personality type is the ego programming of your mind. It drives your choices and behaviors. As you remain ignorant of this, your ego often persuades you to undermine yourself. However, once you become aware, your behaviors move from ego-driven to Consciousness-directed. Your resistance melts away and you have hope for a vital future.

Influence on Your Health

Your personality type influences your attitudes about all the fundamental areas of your health – The 10 Essential Principles of Vitality.

In looking at yourself from this new perspective, you are able to reckon with your resistance in a new way. You become more willing to fully engage with your Self and your health.

Your Vitality Personality Program

The Your Vitality Personality Program is a revolutionary 6-week immersion experience in which you will finally crack the code to your health. During these insight-awakening weeks you will explore your health through an entirely new lens which will reveal not only your health-depleting sabotage patterns and strengths but also of your Vitality Personality Type so that you can re-write your relationship with self-care and vibrant wellness.

What You Get

How Your Vitality Personality Program Works

Additional support appointments are available as needed or after the completion of the Program.
Available at exclusive member pricing.

Quiz | Take the Vitality Personality Quiz

Session 1 | Your Primal Persona & Your Vitality Personality

Session 2 | Your 10 Principles of Vitality Evaluation

Session 3 | Your Weekly Vitality Assessment

Session 4 | Your Vitality Plan

Session 5 | Your Evolution – from Survival to Vitality

Session 6 | Your Highest Purpose

“I had no idea how much my personality contributes to my health! In particular I learned that as an Enneagram Type Two, my reluctance to fuss over myself was causing me to neglect important self-care. In learning how to give myself better care I realize I’m learning how to honor myself more in general. Candice has single-handedly given me confidence and strength, something I never expected to receive from a doctor.”